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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please observe the following T&C's of the OrgyOrgyOrgy/NBO/BBO/Orgy In The Woods & NBO Float My Boat Events:

1. PARTICIPATION in the group orgies or the web site is at the personal choice of each participant, the organiser bears no responsibility. NO MEANS NO. Swapping of private details is forbidden as we are an anonymous group. Participation is for those only 18 years of age and over in Australia.

2. LIMITS: Each group participant will respect the limits of the other at that particular gathering. Say yes enthusiastically, and no politely

3. CONDOMS and lubricant are supplied for the safety and comfort of each participant. The use is at the personal discretion of those engaging in sexual activity (i.e. Personal limits must be respected, if you wish a condom to be used this must be clearly stated or pass a condom to your top it is the responsibility of the bottom to do this)

4. CLEAN: Each participant of the group enters the group orgies knowing that they are drug and disease free and hygienically clean

5a. PHOTOGRAPHY within the group must respect each person’s limits in the group orgy. Faces, jewellery, scars and tattoos are blocked out. Photographs taken are done in agreement with those people appearing in them. It is up to the person not willing to appear in a photo to state "NO" at the time, cover themselves or leave the immediate area. However, if an incident occurs such as theft, copyright, or violence photographs may be used by organisers for legal advisors or policing authorities to reach a resolve. (A particular photo in this case may go public) Contacts, emails & phone numbers may also be subject to the same. Being a part of the NBO/BBO/Orgy In The Woods/NBO Float My Boat Parties & Yahoo Group or willingly attending the premises where an event is held, automatically gives permission for this to occur. If you wish or a photo to be removed simply notify the organiser via email with the name of the folder and photo, and we are happy to do this ASAP. Photos are the property of the event and are protected by the Australian Copyright Council and use a Sydney legal specialist to enforce this

5b.PHOTOS are placed in a private Yahoo Gallery only for a month, then moved to our private www.orgyorgyorgy.net gallery site which is password protected (This further protects your privacy & any minors.) If you want to view the pics in a venue folder by date, this only occurs in the Yahoo Gallery for a month before it is merged into the general collection at www.orgyorgyorgy.net​

6. VIEWING PHOTOS: Members are hereby notified that any pictures that appear on the website or Yahoo Group can be viewed by anyone over 18 years old anywhere in the world, as per the world wide web code of access

7. COPYRIGHT: Members are hereby notified that pictures may appear in other sites to only promote OrgyOrgyOrgy/NBO/BBO/Orgy In The Woods  or NBO Float My Boat Parties for everyone’s benefit. No one has permission to copy the photos from our copywritten website or Yahoo Groups as per Australian Copyright Council

8. DELETIONS: Please notify the moderator/site owner by email or phone if you wish to have a message deleted, an email address removed or photo removed

9. INTOXICATION: Anyone arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted off the premises and not re-invited. Zero tolerance! Intoxication on the premises with any substance resulting in medical issues, endangerment or late departure from the venue will result in no future invitations. This is not what our events are about!

10. MISREPRESENTATION: Anyone misrepresenting themselves by photo, phone or email to gain admission to the group will be escorted off the premises and not reinvited. Zero tolerance!

11. PERSONAL DETAILS: We DO NOT exchange personal details at our meets. They are anonymous meets. Exchanging details results in an exclusion period which commences after the receiver has re attended the event. Too many catch ups go sour, resulting in players not wanting to cross paths again. Message Board posts are only in regard to upcoming parties or past parties not personals (This also applies to our doorman in fairness)   This does not apply at BBO All Male Events

12. NO SHOWS: If you are a member on the door list for a specific date, it is presumed you have an intention to attend the upcoming party. We have a “No Show” policy of two strikes and you’re out IF YOU HAVE DOORLISTED FOR A SPECIFIC DATE & NOT SHOWN UP without sending an apology (You will not be considered for a future party) Likewise if you obtain the address for an event and do not show on that specific date you will be dissolved from our database

13. ENTRY TICKETS are at the door. Should you choose not to stay this is non-refundable, as costs of the venue, advertising, nibbles, etc must be covered. Mood changes are not considered a reason

14. NUDE: It is a nude party and therefore you are requested to de-robe. (Ladies & Trans may wear light lingerie) Minimal play is masturbation or tit-play. You must not remain clothed. This is intimidating and you will be asked to leave retrieving only 50 percent of your donation/contribution as you have taken the place of someone else wanting your position

15. VOYEURS: Individuals may choose to be only voyeuristic or engage in simple touch

16. SINGLES are considered equal no matter what sex or transgender

17. COUPLING: Bona fide couples are considered to be those married, co-habitating (living under the one roof) or joined by a civil celebration, single income and/or couples profile on an adult website, otherwise you are considered as singles. (It is up to you if you choose to travel to an event together) Please do not link up with others at a party and represent as a couple at the next party! Couples must arrive, play, watch over each other and leave together. Single men must leave as singles. If a new couple has been together for 6 months from your first attendance together, this will be recognised also. If you are a couple and revert back to a single there is a 6 month wait. Do not RSVP with a couples code and turn up as a single male. Polyamourous are treated the same as a couple, you are listed as minimal two people and must arrive and leave together, you may bring an additional person as you wish. AS WITH ALL COUPLES, if the male is calling to cancel for the female you are cancelling your total booking for male & female/s. If a singe male is bringing a plus one female and she cancels, this cancels the whole booking. Couples must at least play with each other, it is not accepted that males come with their females and they remain clothed (or the males move to the couples area without their partner)

18. COUPLES CANCELLING: If you are a couple you must view/visit the group together, do not apply as a single after being admitted as a couple. (Couples, in particular, are vital for the NBO Groups continuance. If we have several single males trying to come as a single this affects our play balance, is  adding pressure to the attending females and throws the 4 sq m rule during the virus period as coupe can occupy the same space. This is also unfair on an NBO single male that has been waiting to attend)

19. ISSUES: Notify the group organiser of any incident immediately/at the first instance, so any problem does not escalate. Unwanted pursual of any person at events or outside the event will result in no further invites to events

20. ROTATION: Play is organised at the party venue for group play, do not meet and lure people away early. This is unfair to other partiers, and results in forfeiture of future invites. Please choose to go to a normal bar and not OrgyOrgyOrgy/NBO/BBO/Orgy In The Woods/NBO Float My Boat Parties if this is your agenda for the evening. Locations will no longer be given out early to avoid the “come to my hotel” scenario. Our play continues to midnight - what you do after midnight is then up to the individual/couple

21. OTHER PARTIES: Other club/group moderators/managers/coordinators are welcome to attend, in order to have a night of enjoyment and pure play, rather than “managing an event” OrgyOrgyOrgy/NBO/BBO/Orgy In The Woods/NBO Float My Boat Parties selects it’s members through extensive advertising and promotion for the group, not for other groups or clubs that don’t advertise to the extent. Members are asked to notify the group organiser if they are approached  (canvassed) to attend other clubs/groups. Players are asked not to discuss other parties or venues, they can advertise as we do

22. SMOKING is only outdoors at our venues (i.e. yards, etc) Please be aware that venues are constantly becoming NO SMOKING properties. Check each invite to ensure you are not disappointed. Please ensure doors are closed after entering or leaving the smoking areas

23. REFUNDS: There are no mood refunds, if you chose to leave before the party commences. Please be aware your request for invites goes to a pending mode until we have discussed your departure further 

24. VENUE RENTAL/DOORMAN & ASSIST CREW: All of the above T&C's apply to anyone assisting at any event.  Under no circumstances should your personal details be given to crew or venue owners, but only at the official check in with Pete. Likewise, it is forbidden for crew/venue owners to pass their details onto you verbally or in written form. This is for your privacy and safety. Venue rentals are a business transaction as agreed. This is usually a cold rental where owners do not attend, but can vary (Venue rental does not give venue owners continual unlimited event invites for the future) Guests should not approach or stay over in the venues hired once the organiser has checked out.  We do not facilitate contact between guests and venue owners due to many poor past experiences affecting our future rentals. We cherish the venues we find and ask you to respect how we do business with our venues

25. Those not following general T&C's i.e. in regard to rules/rented premises/entering farm houses will have invites rested or 6 months. We have too many people to control on events nights, we rely on co-operation not complications. We cannot have rules being bent to suit some and not others. These rules are highlighted at the beginning of each event, here and on the invites. It is not personal, this merely a crowd management issue that must be respected



27. These terms and conditions appear on the fridge at events where the drinks are stored so you are constantly reminded of the above conditions and are free to leave at any point in time if you do not agree with any clause

28. We do not have other event organisers/owners attending our events due to past complications....and wish you all the best with your business