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Like A Virgin

Great party the last time ,was my first time I felt so good men ,very good people, love to go for the next and next and next party. Thanks Apol* (South American Guy)

Horny Bottom

Hi,Had a ball at the last party, my arse was insatiable with all the horny dudes. Joe

First Timer

Hey Pete, again thanks for the great event. Would definitely turn up for the next one. Have been browsing through Melbourne's album, good times!
Job well done! Cheers R*an

Party Lover

Hey there,Just wanted to say hi and thanks for a great party. You are well organised and very discreet.
Love the wristbands…this makes it so easy to know who I can do what to! Please keep me on all your party lists. John


Mate, What a night, couldn’t believe the attitude of the guys…they just think with their cocks…awesome..can’t wait for the next one. 

Satisfied Guy

Hi Pete, Just wanted to say thanks again for hosting a fun event. I appreciate the work that goes into organising these events.
I had a fun time. Well done.Sam

Beach Boy

Hi Pete, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great fun weekend of parties and good old fashioned fuck fun! You're a legend ;)
Cheers Da**

New Guy

Hi Pete, Great party. This was my first party and definitely not my last. I was rather apprehensive and almost didn't come inside. Boy am I glad I did. Gosh. How do you manage to find venues ? I felt a bit claustrophobic at the beginning I must admit with so many guys. And laughed to myself when you had to go through the whole OHS issues. 
Anyway. I hope that the next Sydney venue will attract some of the visitors from overseas during Mardi Gras.  Cheers  **tan 

​GC Slut

Hi Pete, Just wanted to say thanks for the Gold Coast night. Lots of work behind the scenes to make the mix work.
I had a great time and lost count of how many cocks I had and how many guys I fucked. Hot night, Cheers, Joh*

Fantasy Guy

Hi Pete,I pushed a few limits and even had the odd 2 or 3 fantasies fulfilled with the  guys that night.
I played with at least a dozen guys - I tried to keep count but when you have hands and mouths all over you and a cock or two to play with at the same time, you just get lost in all the action. I would have loved to have been at the Newcastle party but I had friends in from overseas for the weekend. Hope to get an invite to the next event, i'll be looking out for your emails :-)   So thanks again for a hot night. Have a great Xmas and New Year. Cheers Chris L

Devoted Masturbator

Hi Pete.....thanks for last night it was fun.....especially BBO. Mark


Some amazing sights and twists and turns. Didn’t realise group s*x was so easy! JaySpent Guy
Hi Pete - well I managed to get to party yesterday as you know..... Keep up the good work mate - Great Venue!  Look
forward to hearing about the next Sydney Party!  And to seeing pics from this one - I reckon you would have got
some good shots! Cheers  Dave Wants More Thank you guys for going to so much effort to organise  this event ... queens are so good at winging usually so I wanted to acknowledge your work and will see you next time Regards David In Melbourne. 

Wants More

I would love to attend because the last one was a blast. But I'll be in Melbourne that weekend. I will definitely be there for the December party. 

Northern Guy Drove Hours To Get To Party

Hey Pete Thanks so much for a great time in Newcastle last Saturday night. So many nice people and so many cocks too suck.  I'll get my roster this week and will try like hell to make the next meet. You were talking about an all male meet, want as many big cocks to go through me as possible, I'm horny as hell!!! 

First Timer

Thanks for a great party on Friday night - great organisation and a great selection of chilled out hot guys without attitude - really refreshing for Sydney - well done buddy - now then .... when do we get to see all those pics? ;) Cheers Bren***

Hot Male Slut

Awesome job with the photos mate - thanks for the link and thanks once again for a filthy evening - Cheers B**

Guy Missing Out

Thanks for responding Pete - won't be able to manage it this time - but looking forward to the next one - your partiers are fucking great! Cheers  Da**


Hi Pete Thank you for such a great night. You are always a great host and i look forward to more orgies during the year.
Thank you Stev**