Birthday Couple

Hi Pete, We just wanted to say again, thank you for inviting us to the NBO Party on the 6th Oct We had a BALL!!..not only was it everything that the site & pics promised, but the guests attending were as hyper-sexed as us,attractive, approachable, humorous, laid back, Great Fun to be & Play With, I think we found our crowd.
You're a great host with a great gig going on (Thank god someone out there is doing it right!) Most memorable birthday night, we @ home re-enacting all the highlights now, yum Look forward to the next parties  Ri** & Ingr**


Hi Pete, Mate you have completely converted me. Has to be one of best parties (of all types) I've ever been to. I fulfilled more fantasies in 3 hours than I could have hoped for in my wildest dreams. Well organised , friendly crowd, nice venue. 
I've been to a couple of  very lame 'swingers' parties about a while ago (funnily enough I see the organisers' name (on your noticeboard as Charlie) under we don't associate with...... & had pretty much given up on group action. I'd been  "looking for lust in all the wrong places"  Thx   P***

After Party Thought  - A Single 30’s Guy

Hi Pete, That was the best party I've seen, and actually in comparison to all the parties I've ever been to in my life (and I include non transgressive parties in this comparison), that was a very special night. The rain, the 
lightning, and the non stop outrageous behaviour all made it intoxicating. It was a lot of fun discovering new hidden areas around the house for spontaneous horsing around. I think I enjoyed the area down the back near 
the garage the most. Whoever was there would understand what I mean.

And also, I must say, all the people were really cool. Well done, thanks again, you always put so much effort in and I appreciate it very much. And***

Slutty Couple From Up North

Pete, Jac**i and I would like to thank you for another great night of incredible fun.
We both really enjoy your parties. Best in Australia - no, in the world, in the galaxy, actually in the big bang universe !!!! Cheers Ro* & Ja***i ***

A Thirty-SomethingGirl's Opinion The Day After

Hi Pete, Thank you for your kind and warm welcome, and for looking after me (including And***) as it was my first time in the party. I felt comfortable, had fun, the boys were respectful, and I met nice and interesting people. Cheers, Sab****r 

​​ A 29 yo Single Female Attendee

Hi peter :) thanks for that.  I really do appreciate the way you make me feel safe and not pressured at NBO parties. 
It's rare that I go to sex party type events with men, because I have in many circumstances felt unsafe. 
Happily, NBO is an exception to that, so my thanks to you for making all the rules clear to everyone :) …S

European/Mexican Cpl

Hi Pete. I used to attend your parties and they remain by far the best. I still remember that excellent Xmas party a couple of years back in Chippendale.
I'm with a hot Mexican babe (35) at the moment who is itching for some bi group action. Could you please put me and her on the
invite list for the next party. Mi** & Mo***

New Comer

Thanks again for 2 fun parties. You sure know how to throw a good bash :) Cheers Da**


Hi Pete I joined your parties a year ago before went overseas, and now back to Sydney Would be happy to join your great parties
Thanks Ben

Single Gal - First Timer

I had the best sex ever, brilliantly well done. Thank you Cai**


Thanks mate really enjoyed myself and was nice to get your cock in my mouth near the end then blow a load on that very sexy lady with five mins to go!...
Cant access the pics but look forward to the next real life party! Thanks again, so much wicked erotic fun! 
Chr** aka Motorbike*xxxxx (x-rated not ex-biker)

Horny International Player

Pete, thanks very much for the party last night...had a great time....the people and the venue where just right...I'm the long hair Italian ....look forward to hearing from you and definitely to the next party....ciao

Erotic Couple

Just a quick message to say thank you. We weren't sure what we were in for or if we would fit in. In the end it we had a ball, loved the whole no stuffing around and getting in for some fun.
Thinking we might even use your Sydney ones as a excuse to get away and come down there for some fun if a position comes available on your list. Thanks again, hugs J*** and Mi**

Holiday Maker

Hi, I went to the Sydney party last night and had a great time and wanted to attend the Gold Coast party on the 15th Feb. I will be on holidays up there. Thanks Gre* 

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